ilomilo plus released for Win 8!

Posted by Martin (admin), December 4th, 2012


It’s almost too good to be true… but true it is! Our award-winning puzzle game ilomilo have just been released for Windows 8!

Not only that, but it’s been released as an extended plus-edition with tons of NEW content! New puzzles, new curious cubes and a continued story-line that will tell you more about the heroic and super-epic adventures of ilo and Milo! This means that for the first time ever, ilomilo can be played on your very own Windows 8 personal computer as well as your tablet!

If you haven’t played ilomilo yet, this is an excellent opportunity to do so, and the rest of you can marvel at the two brand new worlds this masterpiece provides. The fresh and  smooth “berry story” and the nostalgic “Playroom escapades” that will both challenge your mind as well as your brawn and sense of style.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not under any circumstances pass up this excellent opportunity of getting your own copy of ilomilo plus today! There’s no need to wait any longer, just follow this excellent link!

Download here

Visit the game page here!

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Fanart! Art by fans!

Posted by Martin (admin), October 17th, 2011

Here are some neat looking ilomilo plushies, made by Chika and sent to us by Dave.

ilomilo fanart

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Songs we heard in ilomilo

Posted by Martin (admin), October 14th, 2011

ilomilo cover

Simon Flesser has gathered a number of remixed ilomilo songs that you can listen to for the fine price of 0 space dollars! Enjoy!


“Daniel Olsén’s ilomilo soundtrack is one of those rare game soundtracks that I listen to outside of the game. It’s pop played by 5 year olds. It’s melodies that you can hum along to. It’s playful and fun yet melancholic and sad. It manages to bring out nostalgia for videogames we played as kids, as well as for a time that we’ve never experienced, a time when people wore hats and had funny curly mustaches and listened to grammophone records.

In 2010 after I had finished my work on ilomilo I started to play around with the thought of arranging a mini album with interpretations of music from the game. I started to ask rounds of friends with musical talent or friends with friends that might maybe know someone that could remotely play an instrument (It turns out, finding people with interest in both music and videogames was harder than I had suspected, and that’s how I ended up doing three instead of one of these songs myself).

I’ve now gathered eight different songs from different artists.
Jeriaska introduced me to two Swedish videogame music artists, others are game developers that worked on the game and one is an old classmate with a talent for music.
Jeriaska will also be your guide through some of these tracks with additional information on the artists.

I hope you’ll enjoy this even a tenth of what I’ve enjoyed Daniel’s ilomilo music.

- Simon Flesser”

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ilomilo nominated for Gamecity prize 2011!

Posted by Martin (admin), September 20th, 2011

Gamecity prize

“The GameCity Prize seeks to celebrate, explore and include video games as an important part of the mainstream cultural conversation. It seems like everybody’s playing, it’s time to get everybody talking.”

Looks like ilomilo has been nominated for the Gamecity prize award organized by the organizers behind “Gamecity festival”. Among other nominated games are titles such as “Portal 2″, “Minecraft”, and “Limbo”, which are all fantastic titles, making this really exciting for us. :)

Here’s a list of articles mentioning the prize.


The guardian




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Southend interactive Facebook page

Posted by Martin (admin), July 15th, 2011


Hello folks! We just opened a new Facebook page for Southend interactive as a company! Here you will find news regarding all our products and will be able to ask questions, give suggestions or share your thoughts.

So feel free to swing by and say hello!

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BFF tattoos!

Posted by Martin (admin), July 12th, 2011

In what can only be described as a most affectionate form of ilomilo fan-art, Dustin Ellis and his wife decided to show their love for each other and ilomilo in form of these fantastic tattoos!

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ilomilo cookies!

Posted by Martin (admin), July 8th, 2011

Fresh ilomilos directly from the oven! These delicious cookies
were sent to us by Tyler Peterson!



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ilomilo nominated by European Game Awards!

Posted by Martin (admin), July 6th, 2011

European game awards

As if it wasn’t great enough the sun is shining outside, it seems ilomilo has been nominated by “European games awards” in four, yes, FOUR categories! Oh gee jolly miss Molly!

“The European Games Award is the first award exclusively for European video and computer game developers, which lets professionals and gamers from all over Europe participate in the voting for the best games.”

The categories we are nominated in are *drumroll*:

“Best Gamedesign”
“Best Game world”
“Best Sound”
“Best Indie Game”

If you want to give us a hand, why don’t you head over to their site and vote for us?

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Southend gets new site!

Posted by Martin (admin), June 29th, 2011

Here at Southend we think of the future. We can all make a better tomorrow by recycling our trash, buying ecological food and switching to more environment friendly power sources.
So when us at Southend discovered that our old homepage was actually coal driven, polluted the air with black smoke and leaked oil everywhere, we decided to do something about it!

I present to you *drumroll* the new and improved Southend site! It’s driven on wind power and fairy dust and it’s soooo much better in every way imaginable! Holy smokes!

So what are you waiting for? Step right in! Don’t be shy! Please, tell us what you think!

ilomilo site

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ilomilo soundtrack available on CDbaby!

Posted by Martin (admin), June 29th, 2011

ilomilo cover

Hey, guess what? The ilomilo soundtrack is now available for purchase at CDbaby! Rock on CDBaby!

And if you are willing to wait for just a little bit longer, here’s a list of platforms that will soon feature the fantastic ilomilo soundtrack! We don’t know exactly when it’s going to appear on the different services, but it’s supposed to happen any day now.

Amazon MP3
Verizon V-AST

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