Frequently asked questions


Today I will answer some frequently asked questions… and also some less frequently asked questions that I find relevant nonetheless.


Q: When are you guys going to release ilomilo?
A: It hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be this year at some point.

Q: What formats are you releasing ilomilo for?
A: So far it has only been announced for XBLA, but there is a possibility we will release it for other formats in the future.

Q: I’m a Playstation 3 owner and it doesn’t look like you will be releasing ilomilo for PSN. Does this mean you hate PSN?
A: No, we do not hate PSN. In fact we released Tecmo bowl for PSN just recently so we have nothing against it at all. We always want our games to be available on as many platforms as possible, but those decisions are up to the publishers to make.

Q: Are you planning on making some neat ilomilo merchandise? I want an ilomilo T-shirt and an ilomilo pillow.
A: Yes, so do we! It’s definitly on our to do list. Especially the official ilomilo coffeemug.

Q: Do you think you could release some ilomilo wallpapers?
A: Yes, it’s all a matter of finding an available artist who is up for the task. They are the busy type unfortunately, but we’ll fix it soonish.

Q: Those plushie-ilomilos on the site are awesome. Are they for sale?
A: No, sorry. Those are hand-made and were used in the cutscenes of the game so they have a lot of sentimental value to us. Perhaps we can make some cheaper copys we can sell though.

There’s an earlier post about this here if you’re interested.

Q: Are you making ilomilo for android? I have seen it run on MWC videos.
A: The version of ilomilo shown at MWC was a tech demo we made for Qualcomm so they could show off their snapdragon technology. However it is possible that ilomilo will be released for portable platforms in the future.

Q: Will there be any cool downloadable content for ilomilo?
A: Maybe, if so it will be announced.

Update me when site is updated

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