ilomilo released for Windows Phone 7!

Stop the presses! Today we are proud to announce that ilomilo have been RELEASED ON WINDOWS PHONE 7!

Yes, you read that right dear reader. It’s been released into the wild! Like Willy the orcas! AT&T users can stop what they are doing and get it for free right now!

ilomilo WP7

“ilomilo is a premium 3D puzzle game from Microsoft Game Studios and Southend Interactive, where you can use three-dimensional thinking to solve puzzles and guide two friends (ilo and milo) to reunite.
This game for the phone, a $4.99 value, is available for free download and exclusively to AT&T customers for a limited time.

Make sure you redeem your free ilomilo before December 31, 2010, 11:59pm PST.”

Update me when site is updated

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