ilomilo officially released!

ilomilo official release

Salutations! I have come to bring word of something really fabulastic! ilomilo, the game in which I, the heroic and brave Sebastian saves the day, (with some minor help from two funny looking thumb creatures), is being officially released today!

Some of you have been fortunate enough to lay your hands on the game already, but from now on everybody can enter my world, solve fun and clever puzzles in an ever changing environment and enjoy the presence of the great Sebastian. Isn’t that just wondrous? Oh, but of course it is!

To think of all the things you will see and experience, such as the strange inhabitants, the beautiful and twisting landscapes, the incredious fauna, the great Sebastians mesmerizing stories. Let me tell you, you are in for a treat!

So what are you waiting for? Make your game box thing go get ilomilo so you can fully experience the wonders that awaits you!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go pose in front of my bathroom mirror. Fare thee well reader of blogs, we will probably meet again!


- Sebastian the fabulastic

Update me when site is updated

65 Responses to “ilomilo officially released!”

  1. Bigg Russ says:

    It’s a GREAT game! Thank you for it!

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  2. Carl-Fredrik says:

    :D :D

  3. cirene says:

    Delicious! Ilomilo is a fantastic game, adictive and cute. Congratulations and thank you for it.

    Greetings to Daniel Olsén, I love Ilomilo’s music, it’s really awesome.

  4. Fernando says:

    Way to start the year!
    What an awesome game!

    I love it :3

  5. Kyle says:

    Not on t-mobile marketplace. When is the WP7 version going to be available?

    • Luke says:

      I second this, can’t find it on Zune Marketplace. Any news when it’s available to download here (in Ireland).

  6. Helweed says:

    I found bug (which freeze Xbox360). In ch1: summer mind (but i think it will work almost everywhere) i made tower of 2 blocks. Then i tryed to remove bottom one (upper block should fly or fall) and console frezzed. I was standind next to “tower”.

  7. Fernando says:

    Good to know Helweed.
    Is there any email address to report bugs or problems? It would be great to be able to contribute :)

  8. Gary says:

    I remember the devs saying they were working on a patch but most of the freezing problems could be avoided by turning off the help bubble in the options. I love this game and i can’t wait for more levels and some merchandise.

    • Fredrik says:

      That’s right, turn off helper bubbles in the settings menu to avoid the freeze issue.

  9. Tobias says:

    Best game ever.. thanks!

  10. Hellweed says:

    Hi again.
    I fall into another bug. This time ch1:great tower of goo. I was standing on 3pieces unfolded bridge block and i tryed to pick up it. Xbox freezed again. Game is beautiful and funny but what is wrong with your programmers? It is microsoft studios. I dont want be rude but where you found them? I dont write where but think about most worst. Bugs like this destroy all fun in game.

  11. Cody says:

    Amazing game guys. Keep up the good work. :) And I praise you for only charging 800 MS points when others charge 1200 MS points for a new arcade title.

    • Hellweed says:

      I turn off helper bubbles. For now no crashes but I dont repeated situation to check.
      For those who think 800 is too cheap as price. There will be soon DLC with chapters 5 and 6 for 400m$p.

  12. Barif says:

    What about Steam/PlayStation versions? In future i hope?

  13. eber says:

    Woooo! it’s finally out! :D
    (and now I demand ps3/steam support!!! ;)

  14. Boshuda says:

    Fantastic game guys!

    My two children adore playing it together and getting those crazy critters back to each other…you have scored a hit with this one.

    My kids want to know where they can buy the toys…lol


  15. Jenny says:

    This game looks fantastic! I can’t wait for some merchandise to come out (I’d love a coffee mug or a travel mug!) Can you guys release some more wallpapers?! I found one here, but I’m itching for more :D

  16. Michelle says:

    Once I saw this game, I been itching to get it and made excited to see it coming out on my birthday! So adorable! Was disappointing to not be able to find this game for PC, even though a lot of places keep saying its for xbox & PC. I’m not sure if that’s true or not?

    Hoping plushies come out!!!

  17. Steve says:

    Great game but when will a patch be released for the hard crashes ? Its every 10 minutes, never had so many game freezes from a finished game.

  18. Robert says:

    Just love this game. Everything is top notch, gameplay, art, music, tone, everything. Great work South End!

  19. Brandt says:



    Awesome graphics. Like an 3D, updated version of Ataris chip challenge! I tried the demo and finished it rather quickly. But the game it quite addicting so i went to xbox live and purchased it for my Windows 7 LG Quantum- Got the full version now but i cannot play it. The “drop down box” that says “student” keeps dfropping down over and over and over…and it plays the horn music repeadetly. AND it will not stop. It causes the game to play like garbage, all jumpy etc… and it eventually crashes the game- I called ATT but they have no idea how to fix this. I also uninstalled and reinstalled this game, but the EXACT same thing happens. So i cannot fix it. It is sort of like a dvd or record skipping, but the game still plays, just poorly. Can someone please help me? This is my first game for a windows based phone, and even though i like the graphics the way it is buggy is a little disappointing. I am being objective in saying that it seems well worth the money if you can get it/mine to work correctly. But with me it is my first Windows7 game and quite the headache…I am putting too much energy in to this game. I just want it to work…period- Please help!

  20. Brandt says:

    FYI- i cannot turn off the helper bubbles as THAT does not seem to be an option in the windows7 based phone options. So i am not sure if that is an answer person will subscribe or not.

    Thanks again

  21. Brandt says:

    FIX for fredrick! Yay!The issue you are describing is know, and a fix is being worked on. You are experiencing this issue because you are not connected to the LIVE service while playing the game. However, you can get around the issue by entering the settings menu on your windows phone 7 and making sure that you are connected to the LIVE service.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, but hope that you will be able to enjoy the game using this workaround until the patch is released.

  22. Robin says:

    Any chance for a Wii version? :)

  23. Björn says:

    The patch is coming soon! Until then – try switching off the \helper bubbles\-setting in the settings menu.

  24. LeChaosRampant says:

    Ilomilo is a fantastic game ! In my opinion one of the best games on XBLA.
    Congratulations and thank you Southend Interactive and Microsoft for this moments of dream.

  25. fumducket says:

    Great game, awesome graphics and fun co-op play. It’s really too bad you can’t play co-op online as well. This would have been a great title for online play, using the same mechanics.

    i really hope there are plans to patch in some online play.

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