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Songs we heard in ilomilo

Friday, October 14th, 2011

ilomilo cover

Simon Flesser has gathered a number of remixed ilomilo songs that you can listen to for the fine price of 0 space dollars! Enjoy!


“Daniel Olsén’s ilomilo soundtrack is one of those rare game soundtracks that I listen to outside of the game. It’s pop played by 5 year olds. It’s melodies that you can hum along to. It’s playful and fun yet melancholic and sad. It manages to bring out nostalgia for videogames we played as kids, as well as for a time that we’ve never experienced, a time when people wore hats and had funny curly mustaches and listened to grammophone records.

In 2010 after I had finished my work on ilomilo I started to play around with the thought of arranging a mini album with interpretations of music from the game. I started to ask rounds of friends with musical talent or friends with friends that might maybe know someone that could remotely play an instrument (It turns out, finding people with interest in both music and videogames was harder than I had suspected, and that’s how I ended up doing three instead of one of these songs myself).

I’ve now gathered eight different songs from different artists.
Jeriaska introduced me to two Swedish videogame music artists, others are game developers that worked on the game and one is an old classmate with a talent for music.
Jeriaska will also be your guide through some of these tracks with additional information on the artists.

I hope you’ll enjoy this even a tenth of what I’ve enjoyed Daniel’s ilomilo music.

- Simon Flesser”

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ilomilo soundtrack available on CDbaby!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

ilomilo cover

Hey, guess what? The ilomilo soundtrack is now available for purchase at CDbaby! Rock on CDBaby!

And if you are willing to wait for just a little bit longer, here’s a list of platforms that will soon feature the fantastic ilomilo soundtrack! We don’t know exactly when it’s going to appear on the different services, but it’s supposed to happen any day now.

Amazon MP3
Verizon V-AST

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The talking members of the ilomilo orchestra

Friday, March 11th, 2011

If you played ilomilo you might have noticed the orchestra talking in the song “music school”. That was initially an attempt to give voices to ilo and milo, as one of the an ideas was to have them sound like Winnie and Piglet from the russian version of Winnie the Pooh.

ilo and milo voice experiment

That did turn out a bit too extreme for little ilo and milo, in the end we even felt like they should be all silent. But I really liked how the voices came out so I decided to add them in that song as the musicians talking to each other after messing up the groove.

talking orchestra

I also made a pipe smoking, coughing, tea drinking reader for the story parts. He used the same fake russian language made to sound similar to the narrator of Winnie Pooh. But that was cut out in the end. Sad face.

story reader

In a way I guess that’s okay because it makes Sebastian even more special as he is the only actively talking character in the game. Except for curious, angry and singing cubes.

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Daniel Olsén on!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Daniel olsén

Daniel Olsén, the mastermind behind the music of ilomilo was recently interviewed by!

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ilomilo loves music!

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Music is a big part of ilomilo. I love what Daniel has done with the music, and I think it’s time we show you some of his stuff.

First of all!
A new trailer to celebrate the gift of music!

Or download the super high res with deluxe sound by clicking here!

5 songs to listen to or download!
Put them in your mp3 player of choice and dig!

theme of ilomilo
download theme of ilomilo

march of the ilomilos
download march of the ilomilos

me and my paper plane
download me and my paper plane

music school
download music school

sunny days
download sunny days

Southend’s summer barbecue with delicious burgers by Coding Mega Robot Gordon. Wooh!

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Inspiration playlist

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

When the project started, me and Daniel tried to find songs that would serve as inspiration for the music in ilomilo. So we started a collaborative playlist on Spotify.
Here’s a list of the songs on it:

La Veillée – Yann Tiersen
Toy Piano – Pony Up!
Ukulélé Man – Yann Tiersen
Prière N 3 – Yann Tiersen
Us – Regina Spektor
The Ghost Of Corporate Future – Regina Spektor
Rhuubarbidoo – Mum
School Song Misfortune – Mum
Presents – Tom Waits, Crystal Gayle
I Solljuset Fina – Karin Juel, Sune Waldimirs Orkester
Please Wake Me Up – Tom Waits
Wooden Heart – Elvis Presley
Going Up The Country – Canned Heat
Sur le Pont D’avignon – André Claveau and Mathé Altéry
The Swimming Song – Loudon Wainwright III
Delia’s Gone – Eric Bibb
Humoreske – Antonín Dvorák
My Creole Belle – Mississippi John Hurt
Staralfur – Sigur Rós
Teardrop – Massive Attack
Melodia bailable para Ukelele – Nut
See Your Face Again – Uni and Her Ukelele
The Dissappointing Pancake – Lisa Loeb
Innocent When You Dream (78) – Tom Waits
Soldier’s Things – Tom Waits
Time – Tom Waits
Hallway Cruise – Danny Elfman
Ma Maren Ma – Fanfare Ciocarlia
Mr. Kaizer, Hans Constanse Og Meg – Kaizers Orchestra
Bubamara – Dr. Nelle Karajlic, Vojislav Aralica, Dejan Sparavalo
Bardomshemmet – Ernst Rolf
The Part You Throw Away – Tom Waits
The Last Rose Of Summer – Tom Waits
Lost In The Harbour – Tom Waits
Watch Her Disappear – Tom Waits
Fawn – Tom Waits
Om Du Möter Varg – Detektivbyrån
Hus Vid Havet – Detektivbyrån

If you have Spotify, just click here to listen to the playlist.

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Experimenting with instruments

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


When production of the first prototype began I was asked to write a few in game tracks and some basic sound effects. This time me and Simon had been listening to Yann Tiersens accordions and glockenspiels and felt it would be a nice addition to the music. Old European and Russian cartoons and doll movies served as a good source of inspiration for both music and sounds. I also looked in to how Disney used instruments to create sound effects in their old short films.

A few months later the production of the actual game had started and I was assigned to the project again to create all of the music and sounds. The art had bloomed into this massive imaginative playground of colors, toys and weirdly cute creatures. To have the music keep up with the art, it had to bloom just as much. The first thing I thought of was to add live instruments. Because I’m not a schooled musician I don’t actually play any instrument and rarely us it in my music, but now I felt it was necessary. Luckily I had managed to convince our producer to give me a lot more time than usual, so instead of a few weeks I had months to spend on this project. Therefore it felt safe to start experimenting.

I ran around and borrowed instruments from all my friends and went to toy and music stores to find anything that could make sounds. Accordions, ocarinas, flutes, guitar zithers, glocken spiels, nose flutes, kazoos, toy boxes and so on. With the help of my college Daniel Anttila (who is now the music and sound director for another one of Southends upcoming titles) I even built an instrument out of an old IKEA bench and some guitar strings. I named it Mukon.


With all these new toys, ideas and inspiration I started to record. But because of my lack of skill and practice with many of the instruments (I really had to struggle with some of them) a lot of the recordings were off beat and out of tune. It even sounded like the music was performed by a children’s orchestra at times. I couldn’t help but love it. Maybe because I felt it matched with the “perfect is boring” philosophy of the art. This definitely added the layer that was missing.


Although I got better at playing the instruments the more I struggled, some parts were just too difficult for me to even begin to try. Some instruments just sound plain bad if you don’t have months or even years of practice before, so to solve this issue I took advantage of my network of musician friends. So far I have borrowed the talents of seven other people. I’ll introduce you to the ilomilo orchestra in a later post.

Here is a comparison of a track in two stages. The first clip is the song in a demo stage and the second is produced with live instruments.

ilomilo chapter 1 puzzle select, demo version ilomilo chapter 1 puzzle select, final version Update me when site is updated

Finding the musical style

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I wrote the first song for Ilomilo at the same time we were working on the first conceptual trailer of the game. Back then the world of ilomilo was still young and under development, but Simon had already created this wonderful art style and we felt the music had to be equally unique to somehow match. There weren’t much time for me to start experimenting so we had to find some inspirational music that were very close to what we wanted in the game. We went through all kinds of tracks, I’m not going to list them here, but finally one of my old favorite bands from Iceland came up; Múm. Together with some other inspirations it felt like a perfect match. I have always wanted to create a project close to what they do, so it felt quite natural to take the music in that direction. Simon provided me with some toy sounds he had recorded earlier. I used them to create some nice instruments.

The track I ended up writing became the theme of ilomilo. I like to think it later inspired the rest of the team to further develop the world. You can hear it on the title screen and parts of it in various songs thought the game. It is also used in the first official trailer here on the blog. I’ll leave it at that for now. Keep checking this blog for more posts about the music and sounds of ilomilo.


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